18. Henry HUNTER was born in 1768 in Plum Run, Washington, Maryland. He served in the military in 1793/94.(4) Served as a Private in Morrison's Company, Carter's Regiment of Militia, Territory South of the Ohio. He served in the military in 1814 in Tazewell, Claiborne, Tennessee. (5) War of 1812 Records:
CPT Henry Hunter, 3 Reg't (Johnson's) E. Tennessee Militia.


DESIGNATION: 3rd Regiment East Tennessee Militia
DATES: September 1814 - May 1815
MEN MOSTLY FROM: Knox, Claiborne, Greene, Jefferson, Anderson, Blount, Carter, Cocke, Grainger, Hawkins, Rhea, Roane, and Sevier Counties
CAPTAINS: Christopher Cook, Henry Hunter, Joseph Kirk, Andrew Lawson, Elihu Milikin, David McKamy, Benjamin Powell, James R. Rogers, Joseph Scott, James Stewart, James Tunnell
Part of General Nathaniel Taylor's brigade, this unit of drafted militia (about 900 men) was mustered in at Knoxville and marched to the vicinity of Mobile via Camp Ross (present-day Chattanooga), Fort Jackson, Fort Claiborne, and Fort Montgomery. Along the way the men were used as road builders and wagon guards. Many of them were stationed at Camp Mandeville (near Mobile) in February 1814, where there was much disease. For example, the company of Captain Joseph Scott had thirty-one listed sick out of an aggregate of 104 at the final muster.


The following is the roster of Captain Henry Hunter's Company,
Colonel William Johnson's Regiment, during the War of 1812. The Company
was called into service on September 20, 1814 and mustered at Tazewell.
It was discharged May 3, 1815. This was a mixed Company, that is, it was
composed of men from several counties.

This Company was part of the force General Andrew Jackson left a
Mobile, Alabama to prevent the British landing there instead of at New
He died in Aug 1826 in Speedwell, Claiborne, Tennessee. He has Ancestral File number MMMV-6J, ZG02-2K. A note in Jefferson Hunter's history says that "Jeff was a farmer on a farm he purchased from his father (Joseph), part of the land purchased by his grandfather (Henry) when he first moved to Claiborne County in 1796." From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996.

He was married to Barbara BOLLINGER (daughter of Isaac BOLLINGER and Chatrina (BOLLINGER)) about 1789 in ,, South Carolina. Barbara BOLLINGER was born in 1769 in , York, Pennsylvania. She died on 3 Dec 1846 in Speedwell, Claiborne, Tennessee. She has Ancestral File number MMMV-7P. She was buried Hunter Cemetery in Speedwell, Claiborne, Tennessee. From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996. Henry HUNTER and Barbara BOLLINGER had the following children:

child+43 i. Joseph HUNTER.
child+44 ii. Rachel HUNTER.
child+45 iii. Catherine HUNTER.
child+46 iv. Henry HUNTER.
child+47 v. Jesse HUNTER.
child+48 vi. Barbara HUNTER.
child+49 vii. Elizabeth HUNTER.
child+50 viii. Mary Polly HUNTER.
child+51 ix. Abraham HUNTER.
child+52 x. Frederick Bollinger HUNTER.
child+53 xi. Malinda HUNTER.
child+54 xii. Christiana Antonia HUNTER.
child+55 xiii. Lydia HUNTER.

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