67. Andrew Jackson HUNTER (12) (13) was born on 11 Jul 1816 in Near Fincastle, Campbell, Tennessee. Hunter Hill He was elected as Chief Justice in Aug 1852 in , Van Zant, Texas. He was elected as County Judge in 1855 in , Parker, Texas. "was the third county judge of Parker County." He died on 17 Jul 1890 in Weatherford, Parker, Texas. He was buried Dean Cemetery after 17 Jul 1890 in , Parker, Texas. VZCH:
"At the August 1852 election Andrew Jackson Hunter was elected Chief Justice of the county, whereupon the townspeople opportuned him to secure title to the land they now occupied, and this he set about trying to do. This task was accomplished in the following manner..."

When he came to Parker County he settled on Sanchez Creek, about six miles southwest of Weatherford. He was the third elected County Judge when the county was created in 1855 and played a very prominent part in the early history of the County. When the court house was built, his name was chiseled into the cornerstone.

When he settled in Parker County it was on the western fringes of civilization and was under constant threat of Indian attack.

The Judge Hunter homeplace was a typical Texas frontier double log cabin with a covered "Dog Trot" between the two main rooms. The cabin site was surrounded by a high pole stockade to provide protection from the Indians who at that time were often raiding and killing the setlers on the Texas frontier. Charles W. Hunter (great grandson) of Fort Worth recalls being told by his grandfather (Andrew Jackson Hunter Jr.) how he had to run from the fields to the stockade to escape the Commanches.

On March 2, 1866, a raiding party of Commanche Indians attacked the home of Bolin Savage, a Confederate veteran, on Sanchez Creek. "Mrs. A.J. Hunter, wife of the Parker County Judge, saw this attack from a distance and alerted her husband, who rode with haste into Weatherford to get help in chasing these Indians. Mrs. M.C. Hendrick (Martha Hunter Hendrick, niece of the judge), who also lived on Sanchez Creek, east of the Savages, saw the Indians pass near her home with some of the setlers horses. After hearing a disturbance to the west, she soon followed and found that the Indians had killled and scalped Bolin Savage and carried away little five-year-old Sam Savage.

He was married to Margaret Franklin SPIKES (daughter of John Edward SPIKES and Nance CALHOUN) on 27 Sep 1858 in Kaufman, Kaufman, Texas. Margaret Franklin SPIKES was born on 11 Feb 1834 in Mobile, Clark, Alabama. She died on 7 Aug 1911 in Weatherford, Parker, Texas. She was buried Dean Cemetery after 7 Aug 1911 in , Parker, Texas. Andrew Jackson HUNTER and Margaret Franklin SPIKES had the following children:

child+338 i. Mary Elizabeth HUNTER.
child+339 ii. Emma S HUNTER.
child340 iii. Georgia Ann HUNTER was born on 29 Jun 1862 in Weatherford, Parker, Texas. She died on 8 Nov 1931 in Weatherford, Parker, Texas. She was also known as Annie Hunter. She was a seamstress in Weatherford, Parker, Texas. After the death of her brother's wife, Mary Elizabeth (Porter) Hunter, wife of Andrew Jackson Hunter Jr., in a tornado, she reared thier daughter, Mary Elizabeth Hunter.
child+341 iv. Andrew Jackson HUNTER Jr.
child+342 v. Jefferson Davis HUNTER.
child+343 vi. Margaret Adelia HUNTER.

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