314. Jonathan Dock HUNTER was born on 1 Aug 1834 in McGirk, Cole, Missouri. Now in Moniteau County. He died on 15 Jul 1907 in Junction, Kimble, Texas.

He was married to Sarah Mirah MEDLIN (daughter of ) on 20 Dec 1855. Sarah Mirah MEDLIN was born on 1 Sep 1836 in , Cole, Missouri. She died on 8 Jul 1867 in , Denton, Texas. She was buried Medlin Cemetery in , Denton, Texas. Jonathan Dock HUNTER and Sarah Mirah MEDLIN had the following children:

child479 i. Henry HUNTER was born on 27 Jan 1857 in , Denton, Texas. He died on 12 Oct 1857.
child+480 ii. Martha Matilda HUNTER.
child481 iii. Charles Jackson HUNTER was born on 18 Jan 1864 in , Denton, Texas. He died on 7 Apr 1864.
child+482 iv. Thomas Clebourn HUNTER.

He was married to Margaret Jane CRETSINGER on 24 Feb 1873. Margaret Jane CRETSINGER was born in 1846 in ,, Illinois. She died on 19 Jan 1878 in , Parker, Texas. She was buried Irby Cemetery after 19 Jan 1878 in ,, Texas. Jonathan Dock HUNTER and Margaret Jane CRETSINGER had the following children:

child+483 i. Sarah Adaline HUNTER.
child484 ii. Mary Henrietta HUNTER was born on 10 Oct 1876 in ,, Texas.

He was married to Cynthia Vienna ALDEN on 7 Apr 1880. Cynthia Vienna ALDEN was born about 1855 in ,, of Texas. Jonathan Dock HUNTER and Cynthia Vienna ALDEN had the following children:

child+485 i. Thomas Lumpkin ALDEN.

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